Italian Beef Sandwiches

Oh, Y-U-M!!!!!!  Seriously!  No, for real! There were just 2, count them, 2 ingredients!!!!  It doesn't get ANY simpler than that!  You HAVE to make these!  You will feel like a total rock star in the kitchen when you make these.

I would like to thank my ultrasound tech 2 weeks ago for suggesting this to me!  What an awesome idea and an incredibly flavorful slow cooked meal!  You should serve these for company because they won't be able to stop telling you how good these are!

Now, word of warning, these are a bit spicy.  Although, I suppose if you find mild pepperoncinis, you can control the heat a bit more here.  My daughter was a good sport and tried the meat.  She instantly asked for a drink.  I give her credit for trying, but I didn't make her eat them.  She had her sandwich sans meat!  LOL  You'll see a sandwich in the picture below with "orange" (American) cheese on it!  That would be hers!

It was a tiny bit of working opening each pepperoncini, scraping the seeds out and pulling the stem off, but I'll tell you what, it was SOOOOO worth it!  My ultrasound tech did say they do sell the pepperoncinis with the seeds already removed.  If you can find them, buy them! :)

Now, grab your coat and head to the grocery store after you read this!  LOL

Italian Beef Sandwiches
Ingredients:2.5-3.5 lb. Boneless Bottom Round Roast (but you can use a different cut)1 16oz. jar pepperoncinis
Sub bunsbutterProvolone Cheese
Directions:Place your bottom round roast in the bottom of your crock.
Pour the juice from your pepperoncini jar over your roast.
Remove all the seeds (that you can) and stems from your pepperoncinis.  I cut mine in half and scraped the seeds out with my fingers and gently removed the stems.  It wasn't hard.Place all of your pepperoncinis on top of your roast.  (There will be some juice left on your cutting board that you can carefully pour into your crock too!)Cook on LOW for 8-10 hours or on HIGH for 4-5 hours.
Take your beef and pepperoncinis out and shred them.
We toasted our mini-sub buns with a bit of butter and cheese.  I placed them in a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes.
Once your buns are done (hee hee hee), place some of your Italian Beef on top and serve!Enjoy!Submitted to Foodie Friday!